To the HIA International Court of Justice
To the current members of the Supreme Court.
To its President Hisashi Owada

Thiene, 28/05/09

I would like to start by saying that, after the “Battle of Custoza” in 1866, Napoleon III is said to have exchanged the Veneto with the Savoia’s under the condition that there were a plebiscite, although history does not make it clear what the exchange included. Nevertheless the plebiscite has remained an authentic swindle.

Pietro, my grandfather on my father’s side was twenty years old in 1866. He had experienced these events in person and would have been able to tell many a tale, including the facts concerning the invasion of our territory by the Piedmont army and how they did not save on their pillaging and destruction. Moreover taking possession of the state archives, a historic documentation of Veneto legislation, can be seen as the most debasing of pillages: we can quote a documnet dated 1474 where the Venetian law endorsed the privileges on inventions contained in the general principles of patent rights: who else in the world could would done this? “Not exactly a plebiscite, they imposed their power on us”. Moreover it should be made clear that, Napoleon III and Vittorio Emanuele II, both being French, had acted out this lurid political game to keep the Veneto People in slavery and to favour the Savoia masonic confraternity.

We of the Veneto hereby appeal to the International Court of Justice for them to act to return the freedom of Independence to our Serenissima Veneto Republic Venice Empire, recognising all the Powers of a Nation to this martyred people which can be remembered a hundred years before the rise of the Roman Empire: with its own language and alphabet of Etruscan Rune origin, with its history, unequalled in the world as a great Culture and Civilisation that nobody should be allowed to ignore, so how could You High Notables permit that the subjugation of this wonderful people under such a useless failure of power as Italy, ignoble fragmented remains left by those Traitorous Criminal deserters, the Savoia family. Are you not the true protectors of the Peoples’ Freedom or just responsible for having invented the Euro, which has merely made the disinherited poorer; then globalisation, which disrobed the people of freedom of action, who knows what you have in store for us in the coming future.

Around 50 years ago I visited Holland for work or other reasons, however I never had the chance to meet the ICJ, naturally if I were invited a visit such Great Notables I would not hesitate to fulfil such a highly noble privilege.

With the power of human conscience we demand that our Venetian mother country returns free with the Venice Empire and the sacrosanct right to Venice Lagoon as a Free Port with the Mint and its beautiful coinage of 16th century Doge gold ducato’s and we must add that those pilfering politicians should no longer say we are racist because true racism is owed to who raises all the fruits of your work. Even in the Bible: you must earn your daily bread by the sweat of your brow. "Not with the sweat of other’s brows ".

We despairingly beg you to use Your Power of Justice to save a Sovereign People from dying under that disgraceful Savoia flag.

To conclude, our Serenissima Lagoon Venice should no longer be a place of political demonstrations but solely of allegoric carnivals.

With all the kindest regards from Nazione Veneta Libera

Agostino Vaccari