Agostino Vaccari explains the new intention as a true "gem of wood-working engineering" Biciclette in legno

His age, and the heavy State duties, compelled him to retire, but Agostino Vaccari certainly has not laid down his creativity.
Someone will surely remember that at the end of summer this elderly gentleman went to the Piazza dei Signori to show his new bicycle - made entirely of wood!
An exclusive model that works perfectly, and which was patiently designed and made by the artisan from Thiene, who has dedicated it to his idol: Beppe Saronni.
After this first original invention, Agostino Vaccari is at work again. crea-ting a new model that differs to the pre-vious model in having a bigger front wheel; whereas the rear wheel remains the standard size.
"But the originality of this new project is mainly represented by the drive - says the inventor, without hiding his obvious pride - because three connected gears (all in wood) were placed between the central pin of the pedal crank and mat of the rear wheel. These gears thus replace the motion chain drive"
"The assembly of all the dynamic parts of his bicycle - he says - required long and laborious design studies. But the sprit of the work has no! changed, and it is made entirely from wood like the previous one the rims the spokes, the handlebar and the levers. the brake mechanism as well as the saddle and pedals, with the sole exception of the lyres and brake pads".
But what is truly amazing is the functionality of this bicycle, which Vaccari defines as "a gem of wood-working engineering" and for anyone who has to sec to believe. this Archimedes from Thiene promises to return to Piazza dei Signori in a few days to let those who are most intere-sted have a ride.
Even with the second model there is a dedication: after Saronni, Vaccari has been inspired by the person he considers as the greatest champion ever: Fausto Coppi.
And at this point, he tires to shout a wish: as the cycling enthusiast he has always been, he should also he there at the starting line of the next Giro d'Italia, for un ideal start to the race while seated on this model, the fruit of his great love for cycling.

Article appearing in "IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA" 5 February 1995.