Bicicletta in legno Bicicletta in legno Bicicletta in legno

This third and latest model of the wooden bike was made completely differently to the others. Starting with the elabora-te and smart line and then to the gears and chain - in wood! In fact, the chain was designed and built with a truly innovatory method: a true invention. Then, after begin worthy of the comments of Ermanno Olmi, who thus defined his creations: "His bicycles are truly admirable works. as well as being most clever and poetic. It is right to define them as works of art. Resulting from work, talent and passion
In October 1996, for the 50th Anniversary of Padua University, Faculty of Agriculture, the abovementioned bicycles will be exhibited in order to be carefully seen by the world of culture and by the various Italian and foreign: authorities, who shall be attending the event.
Certainly, anyone who sees these fabulous works dose up, will get a true idea of the creative value of these wonderful and unique original! examples which, by request, will also be exhibited in a museum. The inventor from Thiene assures us that he shall be present with one of his wooden bikes in Piazza dei Signori at the start of the "Vicenza-Marostica" on 6 June 1996. (Ma.Cos.)